FSC® Forest Management Certification Services


SCS Global Services certifies responsible forestry practices in forests that meet the stringent environmental, social and economic requirements of the internationally-recognized Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) standard. Our seasoned team of certification professionals has deep knowledge of forest management, ecology and economics, and brings this expertise to bear in its field audits, findings,certification decisions and client support.




Choose the FSC® Forest Management Certification that bestsuits your needs:


1. Forest Management for single-site or multi-site. A forest management entity with one or several sites operating under a single forest management plan.


2. Small and Low Intensity Managed Forests (SLIMF). Streamlined certification protocols for small operators or groups of operators with low harvest levels or under 100 hectares (247 acres) in size, with a few size exceptions.


3. Group Certification. Multiple landowners, forestmanagers or processors certified under one certificate, under the direction of one group manager or legal entity.


4. Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFP). Certification protocols for operations that harvest non-timber forest products, such as food stuffs.




Certification to the FSC® standard by SCS Global Services can benefit your organization in several ways:


 • Assure customers that you meet the highest standards of forest stewardship

 • Satisfy growing worldwide demand for certified products

 • Become eligible to sell carbon credits

 • Enhance your brand by using the SCS Kingfisher certification mark along side your FSC logo.




pioneered the field of forest management certification with its establishment of the Forest Conservation Program in 1991. Soon thereafter, SCS participated as a founding member in the FSC®, and subsequently become one of the first internationally accredited third-party certifiers for Forest Management and Chain-of-Custody certification under the FSC umbrella.


SCS has certified tens of millions of hectares of forests in Central, South and North America, Europe, Asia, and New Zealand; SCS has also issued more than a thousand FSC-endorsed Chain-of-Custody certificates worldwide.




An applicant may prefer to undergo a pre-assessment or “scoping visit” to provide insight regarding its strengths and weaknesses relative to the certification standards. The results of a pre–assessment may enable forest managers to better prepare for the FSC-endorsed certification process. Per FSC policy, larger or controversial operations are required to undergo pre-assessments prior to the certification evaluation.













The assessment process includes the following steps:


1. Application. Representatives of your forest management operation fill out an application.


2. Project Proposal. SCS evaluates the application and prepares an audit plan and proposal, including the costs and a timeline for the evaluation process. The applicant then authorizes a work order and the certification process begins.


3. Stakeholder Consultation. The SCS assessment team, consisting of experts in the relevant fields of forestry, social science, and economics, conducts stakeholder consultations to acquire outside input regarding the applicant’s management performance in relation to the FSC Principles and Criteria.


4. On-Site Audit. The assessment team conducts an on-site audit to determine if the applicant’s management system is being implemented in conformance with the FSC standards. Forest conditions are also assessed. A report is produced that details the results of the evaluation.


5. Peer Review. The assessment report is reviewed by the applicant for factual accuracy, then submitted to independent peer review to validate the appropriateness of the team’s analytical methodology and conclusions.


6. Certification Decision. Following peer review, the SCS certification committee reviews the report and decides whether or not to approve certification. If granted, a certificate is issued for a five-year period, subject to annual surveillance audits.

Alle Dienstleistungen werden in Zusammenarbeit und im Auftrag von SCS Global Services durch die Teusan Forst Consult, Inh. Stefan Teusan, durchgeführt. (FSC® A000521).